Bolivian coffee is one of the best origins for coffee. The climate of Bolivia is great for producing exceptional coffee. Also, in Bolivia, the coffee growing regions are 2,625 to 7,546 meters above sea level.

Los Yungas on the eastern slopes of the Andean mountain range grows the best coffee in Bolivia. As a result, it has nutrient-rich soil and a microclimate well suited to high-quality coffee production. Furthermore, the farms are tiny. Family members do most of the farm management and harvesting themselves. Also, the harvest runs from July to October. The farmers, by hand, pick the coffee in small quantities.

The coffee cherries tend to ripen slowly at different rates because of the varieties that grow there and the higher altitude. Therefore, the farmers have to work with extreme care to only pick the cherries, which have reached their full maturity stage.

During the harvest, the farmers’ group in a Colonia (settlement) work with each other, and these settlements are very powerful.

Top Three Bolivian Coffee Brands

1. Bolivia Peaberry Coffee (#1 Pick)

Bolivia Peaberry coffee is one of the best coffees’ money can buy. It has a sweet and cocoa-laced flavor. We all know Peaberry coffee beans are unique and rich in flavor. However, the total Bolivian crop only produces about 5% Peaberry beans.

Bolivia Peaberry Coffee

The Bolivia Peaberry coffee is produced from trees at a very high volcanic mountain altitude. As a result, it has a soft aroma. Again, the process used for its production is a maintenance wash process. It is certified by kosher certified and, Fairtrade certified.

Finally, it has a sweet, and cocoa-laced flavor. It is one of the best Bolivian coffee brands and the taste is divine. The beans are medium roast.


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2. Organic Bolivia Caranavi Coffee

The Bolivia Caranavi coffee is a fascinating coffee that is marvelous in taste and is full of unique flavors. Coffee is grown in Bolivia’s Andes mountain. The altitude is 5,249 to 5,577 feet above sea level. The coffee is grown on different farms in the region. These farms are part of the APCERL, which is a collective coffee board. There work ensures positive social responsibility related to safe, eco-friendly, and fair trade associated with producing the crop.

Organic Bolivia Caranavi Coffee

Caranavi coffee has flavors like caramel, cream, milk chocolate, and velvet. It is organically grown or certified by kosher. The process uses a kosher maintenance wash process. According to OU Kosher, “These washes are performed at a facility certified that does not recirculate fresh water through a heat exchanger within a cycle (in other words, it operates a one-pass system).”

You can choose from light or medium roasts, which is 100% Arabica. PLUS, its pH is about 5.2.


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3. Larry’s Coffee Organic Fair Trade Whole Bean (Bolivia)

Larry’s is a caffeinated Bolivian coffee that is medium roasted whole bean under Larry’s Coffee brand name. Larry’s coffee is a certified B-corporation, modeling the role of business as a source of good. The Larry’s brand packs their coffee in air vacuum packaging to ensure its freshness.

Some of the Bolivian coffee characteristics include bold chocolate notes, and a smooth velvety finish. Also, its aroma makes your mouth watery, and it tastes so delicious that you will love to make it a permanent part of your day.


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History of Coffee in Bolivia

Not long ago, access to Los Yungas was very difficult. There was a one-way non-paved scary winding road along a cliff leading to the region. The road was so dangerous that it was nicknamed “The Death Road.” That is why the coffee volume was so low, despite its excellent quality. Today, a paved road from La Paz to Los Yungas exists. As a result of the passionate producers in Bolivia, they have earned a privileged position in the world.

Bolivia is an excellent region for growing coffee because it is both tropical and has a very high altitude. When coffee beans ripen and develop at higher altitudes, it results in more decadent flavors and taste.

Still, Bolivia produces a small amount of coffee compared to other Latin American countries. However, what they do produce is rich in flavor and taste.

Why Buy Coffee From Bolivia?

Bolivia has all the right natural ingredients like altitude, fertile soil, and consistent rainy seasons to produce a great tasting coffee. The farmers work with dignity to provide you with the best coffee bean. In addition, Bolivian coffee has a decadent taste and texture.

Flavor Profile

  • Chocolate
  • Caramel
  • Milk chocolate

There are other flavor notes available. When it comes to taste, it is bittersweet, chocolatey, smooth coffee.

Bolivian Coffee Culture

Bolivian coffee beans are well known because of its taste. The coffee aromas are delightful. As we all know, Bolivian coffee is produced by independent farmers. Their coffee has many flavors like milk chocolate, caramel and cocoa. In the last decade, coffee production has increased, but coffee history is still unfolding.

As mentioned earlier, coca is native to Amazonian and Andean countries. Also, it has cultural relevance to the people of the Andean altiplano. Why? It’s a part of their daily life. The coca leaf has uses that are closely intertwined with Bolivian culture.

If you ever get to visit a Bolivian coffee farm, you are in for a treat. You will find beautiful terrain, nippy clean air, and passionate people who care about their farms.

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