People crave chocolate in stressful situations. They hunger for chocolate when in need of comfort. Well, now you can up the ante with chocolate-covered coffee beans. The dopamine in the chocolate is released into your brain. In no time, you will lower your levels of stress. Also, the caffeine in the beans, as well as chocolate help, boost your energy. What a great pick-me-up!

Chocolate-covered coffee beans are a wonderful surprise or gift. Chocolate-lovers, as well as espresso enthusiasts, will enjoy the treat. Also, it is just delicious. You have the crunchy bitter coffee bean inside with smooth, slightly sweet chocolate coating the outside.

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With chocolate-covered coffee beans, you can snack on them right out of the bag. I like to pair it with my coffee in the evenings. Below are two of the best dark chocolate coffee beans around. Whether at home, in the office, or traveling, they are the perfect snack.

Please do yourself a favor, try them out.

Dark Chocolate Covered Roasted Espresso Beans

Fresh roasted organic espresso beans are covered in deep dark chocolate. They use the richest Arabica beans. You won’t need to set the snooze button with just one morsel of these delectable treats.

Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans From Amazon

Sometimes you need a little pick me up. A reason to get through the day. So, why not indulge in dark chocolate-covered roasted espresso coffee beans? Also, this is one of the most recommended snacks for coffee lovers!

Likewise, many chocolatiers use these popular espresso beans. They are used to spruce up a dessert or drink and to incorporate into other sweets. This would even include chocolate chips; the opportunities are infinite.


  • Amazing taste and flavor
  • Full of aroma
  • Trendy espresso brand


  • No warranty or guarantee


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Hill Farm Gourmet Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans

Hill Farm Gourmet Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans are top-notch. If you need a boost, this is the ticket. Many customers have said Hoosier Hill Farm is the only brand that gets both the chocolate and the bean ratio right.

Hoosier Hill Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans

What’s not to love as they are both delicious but addicting. It is made with rich dark gourmet chocolate and premium espresso beans. These espresso beans are drenched in rich pure dark chocolate. Also, these crunchy espresso beans are coated with European-style dark chocolate for a sweet energy packed snack.

After munching on a couple of these beans, customers have said that you can get a blast of quick energy. Don’t delay. Try a bag.


  • Delicious taste and aroma
  • Very addicting coffee beans
  • Beans submerged in real pure chocolate.
  • Fresh and healthy


  • Slight bitter taste

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I recommend the Dark Chocolate Covered Roasted Espresso Beans. They are full of taste and aromatic. When I want something truly decadent, try Sweet Gourmet Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans Blend with White Milk Dark Chocolate.

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