A coffee roaster is exactly what it sounds like. It is a machine designed to roast coffee beans. The benefits of a roaster machine are innumerable. However, the primary benefit enables you to roast green coffee beans to the exact aroma and flavor you desire. In turn, there’s no doubt you’ll enjoy great tasting coffee.

Coffee beans are usually stored in the color green. This helps to retain their moisture, which prevents the loss of quality and flavor.

Roasting beans is a chemical process. It dries out the moisture in the green coffee beans. It does this by subjecting them to a very high temperature. Next, they are quickly cooled down. It is important to know everything you can about roasting to produce the best batch of roasted beans possible!

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Did you know your coffee roaster could make a variety of coffee? They include:

  • Light Roast
  • Medium Roast
  • Dark Roast
  • French Roast Coffee

Why Home Roast Your Beans?

Store-bought beans are an easy solution to your coffee needs. However, they are often bitter and bland. The most aromatic and rich coffee beans are indeed those that you roast at home.

A home coffee roastery was a popular activity back in the 20th century. It was considered an elite practice to home roast your beans. During this time period, buying roasted beans was considered something only the “common folk” did.

Later, home-roasting became a tiring and time-consuming process. Hence, it was slowly eliminated from upper society. However, it is indeed making a big comeback. Coffee-drinkers have started appreciating the beauty of roasting their beans.

The Best Home Coffee Roaster Machines

1. The TuTu Home 110V Coffee Roaster

The TuTu Home 110V Coffee Roaster

This coffee roaster is made by the brand Tutu Home. And, it’s easily considered one of the best coffee roasting machines money can buy. It has a large capacity, for starters, as it’s fitted with a 750g capacity baking tray. Also, this means you can roast a large number of coffee beans within a short period of time.

Another feature is that the roaster is equipped with is a non-stick base. The base is easy to clean because the beans or residue won’t stick to the pot. With some competitor roasters, you have to spend hours trying to clean the equipment.

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The TuTu 110V coffee roasting machine is efficient and doesn’t use a lot of energy. Its heating power is 800W, and the body is resistant to high temperatures. Since it’s 110V, you don’t have to worry about using a ton of energy. Don’t worry, though, because it is powerful and will roast beans to your liking.

The machine also stands out due to its professional design. It features rods that rotate, which stir the beans around for a uniform result. It’s equipped with a transparent lid and venting holes. This lets you see inside, as well as smell the aroma.

Using the machine is easy.

All you do is turn it on, set the temperature, and your beans start the roast process. Once the temperature is set, wait for 20 minutes, followed by waiting 25 minutes more for two bursts. After this, you can keep an eye on the baking for another 40-45 minutes.

You can’t beat the price of the TuTu Home coffee roaster. This coffee roaster has a fair price. It is packed with great features and will produce great tasting beans time after time.

Are you serious about buying a coffee roasting machine? You must consider this machine. If you have never roasted beans before, this is a great starter machine. If you’re experienced with roasting machines, you will love the quality of beans that it produces.


2. Fresh Roast SR540

Fresh Roast SR540 Coffee Roasting Machines

Fresh Roast SR450 has a roast capacity of four scoops of coffee beans. One of its most noteworthy features is the control board. It is what makes the machine easy to use. All you do when adjusting a setting is to push the knob and turn it. This allows you to adjust the time, heat, and fan.

The SR540 coffee roasting machine has a temperature read-out display too. It displays the temperature in real-time. Want to see what the current temperature is? Turn the knob to the right.

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Perhaps the best feature of the SR540 is its nine heat adjustments. Instead of adjusting the heat to high, medium, or low, you have nine heat levels. The fan also has an array of adjustments.

Also, the default start settings can be changed if you wish. Not only that, but the machine is 120V, so it’s cost-efficient to run as it doesn’t use a lot of power. Besides, the SR540 has a one-year warranty.


It is a bit pricier than the previously mentioned roasting machine. However, the SR540 is worth every penny because of the features its equipped with. If you want a mid-range coffee roasting machine, then look no further than this one.

The bottom line is this roasting machine is a great buy. Why?

  • No shortage of rave reviews
  • Roast time totals around 10 minutes per batch
  • It’s durable
  • Materials made from stainless steel, glass, and silicone
  • It’s easy to use
  • Easy to clean


3. Gas Coffee Roasting Machine By Dyvee

Dyvee Coffee Roasting Machines

This is a mid-range coffee roaster machine. It is perfect for both the home or if you run a coffee shop. Dyvee is a reputable brand known for producing quality machines, and this model is no exception. Also, many find that it’s the best coffee roaster machine for small businesses too.

It has a fair price, and it will produce great-tasting and smelling coffee without a ton of effort. Also, there’s only a handful of steps involved with using the machine:

  1. Put the beans into the drum.
  2. Place the chamber back on top of the burner.
  3. Switch the power on as well as the gas burner

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Keep an eye on the machine as you are roasting. You’ll want to monitor the entire process; turn the stove off once the beans are the color you want. Finally, shake the beans after you’ve put them into the tray.

Some cool features of this coffee roaster machine

The roaster is lightweight, and all you have to do is put the machine over a gas stove. It’s made to last too, as it’s made from stainless steel, while the drum is made from glass. Also, this means you can look right through the drum to keep an eye on the beans as they change color. It even comes with a wooden handle, which gives the machine a classic look.

The majority of the controls are manually operated. However, the upside is the capacity is substantial and can hold a maximum of 400 grams of beans. If you want to get the most from the machine, fill it with no more than 300 grams per batch.

The electric motor that powers the roaster is 12V 2A. Included with your purchase is a 110V power adapter. Plugin the machine, and you’re good to go. Best of all, it’s energy-efficient, and it won’t be expensive to run. Also, cleaning the machine’s drum is incredibly easy too. All you do is take out the glass and wash it with water. It does not take long to clean.

Please Note: The gas burner is NOT included with your purchase. Furthermore, this roaster might become smoky at times, so consider using it outdoors.


4. Nuvo Eco Ceramic Handy Coffee Bean Roaster

Nuvo Ceramic Handy Coffee Roasting Machines

This is an old-school coffee bean roaster that requires you to hold it over a fire. It is an elementary roasting machine and is easily one of the more affordable ones on the market.

Although you have to roast by hand with this small machine, you don’t have to worry about burning your hand. Why is that? It features a cowhide grip. It is made from ceramic so that it won’t break easily. Also, it’s easy to keep clean and to maintain.

At first glance, you might be concerned that you won’t have a good roasting experience due to its size. This won’t be the case because the internal structure is shaped like a waffle. That means your beans will be roasted evenly. The rear hole will also emit a popping sound when the roasting process is entering the final stages.

LEARN MORE: Nuvo Eco Ceramic

Although this coffee roaster is for the serious roaster, it can double as decor when you’re not using it for roasting. Instead of putting it away in your cupboards, you can put it on display. Trust me when I say you’ll be impressed with how it looks in person. It is lightweight, small, but durable, and you’ll enjoy using it for years to come.

Other smart capabilities

The roaster is capable of roasting up to 70 grams of beans at a single time. However, it’s advisable to only roast around 30 grams at a time, as this is optimal. Also, there are hundreds of reviews about this roaster. The majority of testimonials are positive in nature. This means it is a good buy and it’s well worth the money.

Anyone looking for a budget-friendly roaster should consider getting this handy coffee roasting machine. Those on a tight budget or who have never purchased a roaster should also buy this one.

Don’t let the low price fool you. It is of high quality and easily considered one of the best coffee bean roasters on the market today. You will be impressed with how easy this is to use, as there is virtually no guesswork involved.


5. KALDI Coffee Roaster

Kaldi Coffee Roasting Machines

The last roasting machine to make it onto our list is the KALDI Home Coffee Roasting machine. It is the most expensive roaster on my list, but it is well worth the investment. With your purchase, you truly get a lot for your money. More importantly, you’ll be treated to the best tasting coffee you have had in a long time.

One of the best things about the KALDI machine is it will completely change your coffee experience. Optimal flavor notes are noticeable in every single batch of beans you roast. It’s as if you’re in your local or favorite coffee shop.

What could be better than investing in a worthy coffee roaster?

If you are thinking about it, don’t settle for anything besides the KALDI coffee roaster. Roasting coffee requires effort and is an art. That makes KALDI the best artist in this regard.

The roaster comes with a well-written manual and easy to understand instructions. It has a nicely designed circulation to maximize and regulate air control. The drum comprises 2mm stainless steel with its heat storage system.

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What’s more, its temperature probe sits in the jar dedicated to the beans.

  • It comes well-packaged and fully assembled.
  • Great for the beans agitation
  • Great to roast a small batch
  • May make noises

More at home coffee roasting features

Another great feature of the KALDI roasting machine is it is fully motorized. The only thing you have to do is put it over a burner. Besides that, a thermometer allows you to see the current coffee roasting temperature.

Other features that the roaster has is a chaff holder and a probe rod. Although the machine is quite big, you shouldn’t have an issue using it or keeping it clean.

As mentioned, there is only one downside to the KALDI Home Coffee Roaster. You need to have a gas burner. A burner does not come with the roaster. If you have a gas burner, this isn’t an issue. Kaldi is compatible with just about any burner. The type of burner you use won’t affect the results.

Do you want to experiment with roasting coffee beans? Maybe you already know how to roast beans, but you’re in the market for a new coffee roasting machine. Whatever the case is, this coffee roasting equipment is worth checking out.


Another Bonus Kaldi

KALDI Mini Size (200~250g) Home Coffee Roaster

This mini-sized coffee roaster is all you need for a portable and easy to carry machine.

Keep in mind that you have to monitor the roasting temperature along with its ventilation. Get yourself a good thermocouple probe with an IR thermometer. The overall device looks amazing with a solid built and compact design. What I like the most is the ventilation system that makes it cool faster.

It has a capacity of 200 grams with a drum size of 120 mm x 115 mm. The main construction is held by stainless steel that ensures a longer life span. Do yourself a favor and make the mornings worthy by getting this coffee roaster!


  • Offers great capacity
  • Light in weight
  • Affordable product


  • Handles may get a bit hot.


Further Reading

Roasting As An Art, Or Is It Science?

Roasting is a sensitive process that requires the utmost attention and care to develop the perfect flavor. These flavors can be ruined even by the minutest mistake. Changing the temperature by even a single degree will completely change the flavor and aroma of your beans.

However, it takes years to master the art of roasting to achieve perfection, just like an artist repeatedly paints until he produces a masterpiece. This is why one can never declare roasting to be either a science or an art.

A Complete Guide To Coffee Roasting Perfection

Home roasting is a pretty delicate task. There are a million ways to roast your coffee beans. Each has a different coffee roasting time. Also, each method will give you different flavors and aromas. Below I’ll tell you about the basic principles of roasting your coffee.

Coffee Roasting Stages

When it comes to roasting coffee at home, you will observe the beans go through three stages. The first stage is the drying stage, the second is the browning stage, and the third is the development stage, also known as the roasting stage.

1. Drying stage

Coffee beans usually have a humidity level of 8-12%. It is essential to dry your beans before you start roasting them. If you don’t, the beans will turn into a moist paste when crushed. The drying stage lasts for about 4-10 minutes when a traditional drum roaster is used.

It is essential to be careful with the temperature. The ideal temperature at the end should be 320⁰F. Also, this is especially true in drum roasters. When not given extra attention, the beans may burn when you give them too much heat at the start.

At the end of this stage, the beans will turn into a yellow color and emit a hazy grass odor.

2. Browning stage

At the end of the drying stage, you will smell something like toasted bread and hay. This is an indication that your beans are almost dried. Even though the drying stage has finished and the browning stage has started, the moisture is still present, and the drying continues.

Now comes the infamous ‘Milliard Reaction.’

The Milliard reaction takes place during the browning stage. Your carbohydrate and protein monomers are broken and reduced. Also, this produces something called a ‘melanoid.’ These are different compounds that have different flavors and aromas. The roast slows down at this point.

Professional roastmasters savor the beans’ slowing down. This helps to develop the rich and royal flavor of the coffee beans. Now, the coffee starts to pop just like popcorn does. This is known as the first crack where the sugars inside have caramelized to a consumable state. Also, this signifies the start of the development stage, also known as the roasting stage.

3. Development/Coffee Roasting stage

Here is where a little science comes in. Before the development stage, the process has been strictly endothermal, meaning that the heat was collected inside the beans. Now, the heat inside has been built up, and it is time to burst, which is exactly why the coffee ‘pops’ or explodes. This process is exothermic, where the heat is given off.

I understand that this can be a time-consuming process. However, rushing through this last stage will only result in too sharp coffee. Coffee is meant to soothe your senses. Harsh coffee defeats the purpose of coffee, right?

The development stage is the shortest of all the processes. This because moisture evaporation takes up almost all the time. It takes 15-20% of the total process time. According to the time taken in this stage, the coffee is distinguished into 3 types – city roast, full city roast, and French roast, each more bitter than the last.

Dark Roasts Or Light Roasts?

My family are light roast drinkers, while I prefer a dark roast. Different people have different taste palates, which distinguishes their preferences from the list given below.

What marks these roasts different is the amount of internal pressure they are subjected to.
The change in the temperature and pressure determine the difference in all the coffee beans’ essential characteristics, such as flavor and color.

Let’s take a look at the temperatures you would need the beans to achieve different roasts.

1. Light roast

Your beans need an internal temperature of 356-401 degrees Fahrenheit to get the perfect light roast. These beans fall around the first crack when the second stage ends. Also, the beans tend to be hard and dense at this point, and the surface is a bit dry. People usually remove their beans before the first crack. However, I prefer to have mine just after the crack. This makes them a little crispier.

This is the most straightforward brew if you are home-roasting. It requires the least amount of time and temperature. People who prefer milder flavors select these since the coffee’s bitterness is very low at this stage. There will also be almost no oil on the surface now. You can also refer to this roast as the Light city, half city, and Cinnamon roast.

2. Medium roast

The next roast we are going to talk about is the medium roast. Medium roasts tend to have a temperature that ranges around 410-428 degrees Fahrenheit. These have an oilier surface than the light roast.

These also manage to look more ‘roasted’ than the previous ones. This roast appears in the middle of the beginning and end of the first crack. This is the medium roast period—the time between the first and the second crack.

Medium roast is the most popular of all roasts as it is the perfect blend of:

  • Acidity
  • A mildly strong flavor
  • Crispy texture
  • The right amount of bitterness

The temperature is also appropriate for your beans at home. This roast also goes by the names of City, American, and Breakfast roast.

3. Medium-dark roast

This is the most abundant roast. Not because it is made more but because it has the most roast distinctions. The temperature range of the roast is small, ranging somewhere between 437 -446 degrees Fahrenheit. This has even more oil than the last two roasts. It also has evident patches of oil all over the beans. This roast typically appears around the 2nd crack.

In terms of flavor, it has a much stronger flavor than the previous roasts. The beans now taste spicier, with different hints of acidity and bitterness. These are also known as the Full city, Full city plus, and Vienna Roast.

4. Dark roast

My favorite – the last roast is known as the Dark roast. As the name suggests, the flavor, and the color of this roast, are dark. If you ever hear the terms ‘French roast’, ‘Italian roast,’ or ‘Espresso roast,’ the dark roast is being referred to.

They’re roasted around 464 degrees Fahrenheit. The key here is not to let the temperature exceed 482 degrees as it will create problems. Not only is it dangerous to deal with such a high temperature, but it could ruin your batch. Using the right coffee roasting equipment at this point is essential.

The beans’ texture will now be very oily, and the flavor will be low in acidity but higher in bitterness. This is also the richest roast. This roast is pretty tricky to deal with and is considered to be the eclipse of roasts.

The bottom line, do not cross the line between dark and burnt beans. This roast is also known as Continental roast, New Orleans roast, European roast, and Viennese roast. It is also called the high roast.

A Few Essentials To Roasting

Now that you know how to roast the perfect beans, it is time to know a few more things about roasting. From coffee beans to choosing the best coffee roasting machine, you need to know a few more things before you can get on with your roasting journey.

Step 1: Knowing your coffee beans

You want to buy unroasted green coffee beans that are 100% raw arabica coffee beans. The sampler below features beans from Colombia, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Brazil, and Indonesia. The coffee buyers source unique and quality unroasted green coffee beans from single-origin farms and co-ops worldwide.

100% RAW ARABICA COFFEE BEANS are known worldwide for their quality and superior flavor over other coffee species. Enjoy some of our top offerings that rotate seasonally with each harvest.

The first step to making a heavenly cup of coffee is to know which beans are the best. Now, not all coffee beans are considered to be the best for roasting. To understand this, you will need to approach your local buyer or your regular barista. He will know the perfect produce around your area.


Step 2: Select your coffee roaster.

Now that you have selected your beans, the next step is to roast them. Coffee roasters are an essential item for every coffee maker. Without coffee roasters, the process seems almost impossible. Yes, there are other ways to roast coffee. However, if you can get a roaster machine, why bother using other methods?

If you’re looking for something convenient and easy to use that gives fast results, I recommend that you check out the Angelloong coffee bean roaster.

The high efficiency and high-quality electrical design will be the right choice for beginners.

If you’re looking for something a bit more traditional, I would say you opt for the Nuvo Eco ceramic handy roaster. This little roaster is perfect for professionals and roast lovers.

Step 3: Select your coffee roaster for home.

Now that you have your coffee beans selected and roasted to perfection, it is time to make the actual coffee. You cannot make coffee without grinding your beans first. So, grind your beans using a Capresso Metal Infinity Burr Grinder or Baratza Virtuoso + Coffee Grinder.

The Metal version of the Capresso Infinity grinder with a brushed chrome finish adds elegance and weight to this very versatile coffee grinder.

Capresso Metal Infinity Burr Grinder


The Baratza Virtuoso + coffee grinder is an updated version of the original Virtuoso grinder. This upgraded version replaces the timer switch with a digital display. This 40-second digital timer allows you to set a repeatable dose easily.

Baratza Virtuoso + Coffee Grinder

Next, select the machine of your choice.

If you want a new machine, these are great to own. The espresso machines below are high-quality from Switzerland and Italy.

If you’re looking for an affordable espresso machine, you should look at the Capresso Café Select Espresso Machine. It has the most remarkable features, including an advanced pump boiler system and a high pressure, commercial-style frother.

Capresso Café Select Espresso Machine

If you’re looking for feature-rich coffee machines, check out the Jura E8 Chrome. It has the most beautiful design and promises long-lasting durability.

Jura E8 Chrome

Alternatives To Roasting Machines

We know how to roast beans with a roaster now, but what about those that do not have roasting machines and do not want to buy them either? I do have some alternative methods for you.

1. Roasting beans with a stovetop popcorn maker

People used to roast beans when coffee roasters and popcorn poppers weren’t invented. Let’s take a trip back to those times when coffee was roasted using nothing other than stoves. The process is pretty simple and involves a stovetop roaster, basically a pot with a tight-fitting lid.

Get your stuff ready!

The first step of roasting beans with a stovetop popcorn maker is to prep your equipment and set the stove to heat. Also, a laser thermometer will help you check the temperature quickly. Also, prep a baking sheet to pour your beans on.

Time to pour in the beans!

The next step is to pick the kind of beans you want. Once you have a good quality harvest and the pot ready and preheated, add in your beans. Now you have to start cranking the handle. Also, stir the beans at an even rate so that each bean gets the same amount of heat from every angle. As the beans are heated, you will see the beans change colors, and a delicious aroma will start to rise.

Roast the beans!

The most important step is to roast your beans. This is the most important stage as it determines the fate of your beans. Keep in mind, leaving the beans in for even an extra second can result in the beans burning.

As you crank the coffee, you will notice that the beans change color and turn into a beautiful brown with a little oily texture. You can keep the beans roasting as long as you like. However, the more you roast them, the bitter their taste will get. Your beans are now ready, roasted to perfection!

Cool and store!

The last step is to take your beans out and pour them onto the pan. The key is to cool them quickly and crush them to get a fine powder. If you intend to store them, put them in an airtight container. I like to use my roasted beans within two weeks, so I don’t ruin my coffee taste.

2. Roasting beans with a hot air popcorn popper

The second method is to roast beans in a popcorn popper. This is the best and fastest way to roast your beans without a proper roasting machine! If you’re curious how a popcorn popper manages to roast beans, continue reading.

Set up your materials

The first step is to get ingredients and equipment together. Also, get the popper, bowl, and baking sheet ready. In addition, get your beans, and decide on the roast you want.

Add in your beans!

The next step is to add in the beans. This isn’t a time-consuming process but requires absolute care. So stand by and monitor the roast throughout.

Roast the beans to perfection!

You do not have to do much except observing the beans’ color and aroma. Roast until it reaches the roast of your choice.

Remove, cool, and store!

The last step is to remove the beans from the popper. Lay them on the baking sheet to cool off, and place them in an airtight container. Store them for further use. However, I always try to use them fresh, so should you!


Q. How much does a coffee roasting machine cost?
Typically, a coffee roasting machine does not cost much. If you go for the lowest priced one, you will find it for about $40, while the highest price would be over $500.

Q. Is roasting your coffee worth it?
That’s a big YES for me! It saves you time and money. Also, it gives you control over the flavor and aroma of your coffee beans.

Q. Is unroasted coffee cheaper?
Yes, unroasted coffee is only half the price of what roasted coffee beans cost.


My evening coffee is my absolute favorite part of the day. The warm and rich taste against my lips while the aromatic smell evades my nose is the most delightful experience every single time! To make the best cup of coffee, nothing is better than home-roasted beans.

My article covers everything about a coffee roaster, roasting coffee beans, brewing your roasted coffee, and more, making it the ultimate guide to roasting coffee. I hope this helps you roast your beans a little better.

Until next time, happy roasting!

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