Coffee is a drink that has become popular over the world. Each culture has its own way of assimilating the bitter, strong drink into something more palatable. We see it in Yuenyeung in Hong Kong. It’s a mix of coffee, black tea, and milk. Korean Dalgona coffee has also grown bigger, thanks to TikTok.

Japan, too, has coffee jelly. It is a dessert made with either instant coffee or brewed coffee. It is no wonder Dalgona coffee from South Korea has its very own coffee drink, too.

Origins Of Dalgona Coffee

The essence of this drink is whipped cream and instant coffee. It has a color, texture, and feel that makes native South Koreans think of a trendy candy: Dalgona. Dalgona is an effortless candy made of caramelized sugar and baking soda. It means sweet.

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Dalgona Coffee came about during the 2020 pandemic when South Koreans were sharing recipes online to make their experience better. As soon as the Dalgona Coffee recipe appeared, it became an instant hit— not just in South Korea but the whole world, too.

It is also interesting to note that Dalgona Coffee was born out of a desire to enjoy a delicious coffee cup despite most people having only instant coffee. Running to the coffee shop during the lockdown was not an option. The South Korean lockdown was especially strict.

dalgona coffee origin

And so this recipe spread -like a virus- in the whole of South Korea.

Soon, the internet was flooded with videos and photos of Dalgona Coffee, and it caught the rest of the world’s attention. Nowadays, Dalgona Coffee is offered in many coffee shops!

How To Make Dalgona Coffee (dalgona coffee recipes below)


  • 2 tablespoons of instant coffee *
  • 30 ml hot water
  • 1 ½ cups whole milk
  • 40 grams confectioners’ sugar

* Learn more about some instant coffee brands that are delicious with this recipe:


  1. In a small or medium-sized bowl, pour instant coffee and sugar.
  2. Boil water. As soon as it starts bubbling, turn the stove off and pour on top of coffee and sugar.
  3. Start whisking. After a while, the mix will start thickening.
  4. Once it has a thick, mousse-like consistency, stop whisking. If you desire more thickness, add more sugar at this point.
  5. Pour milk (hot or cold, as you prefer) into a tall glass. Sweeten, if desired.
  6. Carefully pour the Dalgona on top.
  7. Enjoy!

Dalgona Whipped Coffee Recipe

Follow the directions above. However, here are a few more tips. Use granulated sugar. You can use white sugar, brown sugar, or raw sugar. You can make your coffee whipped using a mixer, a hand frother, or hand whisk.


Another popular way of making Dalgona, but sugar-free, is to use heavy cream instead of water and sugar. You’d just mix in the instant coffee and whip it for 3 to 4 minutes or until it has acquired an even color.

Dalgona Coffee is one of the easiest coffee recipes you’ll ever find, and the results are so good, you’ll feel like a real barista.

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