Doppio Coffee: Italian Espresso That’s Double Good!

We know Italy is known for its coffee. Many of the words we use to refer to coffee drinks and sizes are Italian words. A perfect example of this is the Doppio coffee.

So, what is a doppio espresso? Ordering a doppio espresso is to request a “double espresso.” So, again what does doppio mean? You want a double shot of espresso. Simple. Let’s move on.

Doppio Coffee
Doppio Coffee

So, what is the reason we use the Italian word instead of just saying “double” or “double shot?” Simple, it is not apparent for the barista. The Doppio coffee, however, is a well-established drink. It requires no clarifications.

Origins Doppio Coffee

Originally, double shots did not exist. Only when more modern versions of the espresso machine came about (particularly with the Faema espresso maker e61, in 1961) was that you could make double shots. Before, you would have had to pull two shots separately and then mix them.

Origins Doppio Coffee

The Doppio rose to popularity among experts and enthusiasts. The primary reason is that it offers a less fleeting version of the espresso’s rich flavor and aroma. It soon became the standard for international competitions where baristas compete against each other. Doppio is an essential drink in these competitions.

How To Make Doppio Coffee

Making a Doppio coffee is much like making a single shot of espresso. It is double, both in the final volume of the drink as in the amount of coffee used. A typical espresso is 30 ml (1 oz), while a Doppio is 60 ml.

Doppio Espresso Beverage
Doppio Espresso Beverage

The amount of ground coffee used varies depending on the barista. For this recipe, the standard is 7 grams per shot.


  • 14 grams finely ground coffee (check out these best seller coffees)


  1. Pour the ground coffee into your portafilter and tamp it.
  2. Latch the portafilter onto the group head.
  3. Below it, place a small scale. Place your coffee cup on top and tare the scale.
  4. Start pulling the shot, pay close attention to the scale!
  5. Once the scale reaches 60 ml, stop the shot.
  6. Enjoy!

By the way, if you are in need or want a great espresso machine, check out this in-depth article on the subject.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a doppio?

A Doppio is a double shot made by using twice the quantity of ground coffee. Doppio is an Italian word that means double. Therefore, your regular cup of coffee will contain twice the amount of coffee as a single shot of espresso. Many people call it the standard double.

Most cafés in Italy consider doppio as a standard shot. They believe a solo shot doesn’t contain enough coffee grounds to give you the experience of caffeine. That’s why you will see the cafes using a two-spout portafilter to make doppios.

What is a doppio at Starbucks? (aka Starbucks espresso shot?)

Starbucks is widely popular for its macchiatos, mochas, lattes, and various other beverages. Their secret to making such delicious coffee is their perfectly pulled espresso. A Starbucks doppio is similar to a standard double shot.

The baristas at Starbucks extract each intensely rich shot within five seconds. They ensure that your coffee has three distinct layers – the heart, body, and crema. The baristas will start the process from scratch if anything goes wrong.

What is a doppio espresso?

A barista takes double the coffee grounds in a large portafilter basket to make a doppio espresso. It results in 60 ml of espresso that you can either drink raw without mixing sugar and milk or drink it like an average joe by mixing cream, milk, and sugar.

Previously, lever espresso machines could only extract a solo espresso, but with the popularity of double shots, most Italian cafés now have standard double espresso machines. They use a two-spout portafilter to remove the coffee by pouring only 60 to 70 ml water.

What is doppio espresso macchiato?

A doppio espresso macchiato is a double espresso served in a small cup topped with just a dollop of heated, foamed milk. Italians call it Caffe macchiato.

A macchiato is an integral part of the foundation of Italy’s coffee culture. Although most Italians prefer a cappuccino to start their day, a doppio espresso macchiato works as an energy booster in the afternoon.

It has three different flavors of freshly brewed espresso, foamed milk, and sugar. A doppio espresso macchiato is an ideal substitute for those who find cappuccinos too light.

How many calories in ice doppio espresso?

Many health-conscious people want to know the exact amount of calories a food contains before eating. Knowing the caloric count helps them calculate the number of miles they may need to walk or run to burn those calories.

Well, an ice doppio espresso usually contains 60 calories. However, it may go up if you prefer slightly more sugar in your coffee.

Usually, an iced doppio espresso contains 15 grams of sugar. You can increase or decrease the quantity depending on your taste preference. Some people even prefer having it unsweetened. In that case, the calorie count will reduce by 5.

How is a cortado different from a doppio?

The most significant difference between a cortado and doppio is milk. A cup of doppio only consists of double the amount of ground coffee that results in 60 ml of the drink. It is one of the most robust espressos around.

On the other hand, a cortado contains a small amount of warm milk. You can decide the ratio of milk to coffee while preparing a cortado. It has to be either 1:1 or 1:2. Most importantly, you need to add the milk after preparing the espresso.

How to make doppio espresso?

You need freshly roasted dark coffee beans and water to make a cup of doppio espresso. First, grind the beans into a fine powder. Next, put the powder in your portafilter of the espresso machine. Make sure you don’t tamper it too hard; otherwise, the filter will take too much time to pass the water.

Also, don’t forget to use a double-layer portafilter. Turn the machine on. Wait approximately 20 to 25 seconds. The water will pass through the filter and leave around 60 ml of doppio espresso.

How to make a doppio espresso over ice?

Apart from 60 ml of doppio espresso, you will need two tablespoons of simple syrup and two tablespoons of heavy cream or milk.

  • Pour the ice, simple syrup, and espresso into a martini shaker.
  • Close the lid and shake it vigorously.
  • Shaking it for a long time will make the doppio espresso foamier.
  • Pour the shake into a glass.
  • Take a dollop of heavy cream or milk and use the topping on your iced doppio espresso.

As a side note: Triple Espresso

Many people don’t know the difference between a double and triple-shot espresso. But avid coffee-lovers can differentiate between the two within a couple of sips. It is simply three times the pleasure.

With all of these delicious drinks, you can bring your favorite coffee shop espressos home. Whether you like to curl up on the living room couch, sit relaxed on your porch, or swing on a Brazilian cotton hammock. You’re going to love this delicious drink.

The Doppio coffee is an excellent drink in terms of flavor and aroma, although it can be a little too much caffeine for some. According to The Spruce Eats, “Espresso, Double Shot is 58-185 mg (often around 150 mg).”

Now, if you are adventurous, you can begin growing coffee with these coffee farming tips for your future espresso drinks. Your coffee can’t get any fresher than your backyard. Check out Hirt’s Arabica Coffee Bean Plant – 6″ Pot – Grow and Brew. However, I will admit coffee growing is not easy!

However, this Italian espresso drink is a base for a lot of drinks like lattes and frappuccinos. You may have been drinking doppio without realizing it!

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