Double Brewed Coffee (What An Amazing Caffeine Jolt!)

Double Brewed Coffee

Double brewed coffee is brewing coffee using freshly extracted coffee rather than boiled water. Just like it sounds, you brew another cup of coffee and then use that to boil water for a second time. You will also find the term double brewed coffee applied to single-cup brewing of coffee. In many cases where a regular cup of coffee has been brewed, only half is brewed.

This process is called double brewing because both the water and the grounds are used in the second pot. It is a very creative way to brew a cup of coffee – but the result can be strong if the grounds that are used are not freshly picked. Some people claim that the flavors are smoother this way, but it isn’t worth the effort for most. In any case, double brewed coffee can be a great way to drink more than one cup at a time.

Why double the process? So that you can get an extra jolt of caffeine.

Caffeine improves the cognitive functions of your body. So, that why students drink double brewed coffee the night before exams to remain alert. Now, let’s review the methods in more detail.

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 Methods Of Making Double Brewed Coffee

If you want stronger coffee, double-brewed coffee is for you. It has a rich aroma. I recommend using Green Mountain Coffee along with a drip coffee maker for a strong and robust taste.

Doubling Brewing Coffee With Green Mountain

  1. Brew coffee like you normally do (or, try BLACK+DECKER Thermal Coffeemaker)
  2. Let your coffee cool
  3. Replace the filter and coffee grounds with a new filter and more coffee grounds
  4. Pour the first batch of coffee back into the coffee maker
  5. Brew once again

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Super Easy Double Brewed Coffee

If you are like me, you may not want to worry about the extra cleaning. Also, you might be concerned about a burned taste. So, you can make things a whole lot easier on yourself. If you think I am going to say something over the moon, nope!

All you need to do is double the amount of coffee when you brew it. Yes, it’s that simple. Simply use twice the amount of coffee grinds. I use Mr. Coffee for some reason. In a few moments, you have more caffeine waking you up.

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French Press To Increase Caffeine (Video)

  • Grind: Medium for drip, coarse grind for French Press
  • Ratio For Drip: 16.6:1
  • French Press: 400 grams brewed coffee over 25 grams grounds
  • Let steep for 3-3.5 minutes and plunge

Double Brewed Coffee

K-Cup Double Brewed Coffee

If you have a Keurig or another pod coffeemaker, follow the directions below for coffee that will give you a ton of energy.

  1. Choose the espresso option
  2. Run through the coffee pod cycle
  3. Grab a second pod and run through the cycle again
  4. Your cup should be full and stronger than usual

Sure, you will have to use two pods. However, you quickly and easily now have double brewed coffee. Yes, it takes two coffee pods, but I think you’re worth it.

Double Brewing Coffee

Final Thoughts

There are many ways to brew coffee strong coffee at home. However, the methods mentioned in this article will enable you to have strong coffee fast. If you like strong and flavorful coffee, then give these suggestions a try today. The good thing about these coffee brewing techniques is that it’s not hard to make.

If you want to see a few more ideas and opinions, check out double brewing coffee with Aeropress on Reddit.

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